"Hand of Help" CD by Timothy John

"Hand of Help" CD by Timothy John


Centennial, Wyoming based soulful songwriter Timothy John's debut album, "Hand of Help," released in 2018, is full of original blusey acoustic folk-rock songs and melodic ballads that features his unique percussive fingerpicking style blending soft and subtle elements with hammer hitting intensity. "Hand of Help” showcases eleven of Tim's favorite acoustic songs written over the course of fifteen years ranging from the light-hearted rocking single “The Peanut Song” through the melodic ballad “Stand and Fight” to the romantic “If Love Has A Reason.” As a metal electric guitarist turned modern troubadour and love crooner, his songs mix honest and universal lyrics with his characteristic rhythmic acoustic sound. Get your CD shipped to you directly from the artist himself with free delivery in Laramie or Centennial, Wyoming. © Copyright - Timothy John (888295767545).

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All songs written and performed by Timothy John
Engineered by Jasco Duende / The Recordium in Fort Collins, Colorado
Album artwork and design by Allison Pluda / SenecaCreekStudios.com in Laramie, Wyoming
© Timothy John, www.musicbytimothyjohn.com, 2018.
All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.

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