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Press & Publicity QUOTES

"Timothy John is a contemporary folk singer-songwriter whose songs invoke the joy and melancholy of how to feels to be in love. His charisma comes from his experiences traveling the world, and those moments where you experience something invisible, unspoken - God. Through many different images he tells his experiences with love and God. The perfect album of ballads to put on on a quiet day reading, Timothy John is like a modern day Joni Mitchell or an acoustic ballad-focused Jeff Healey. He's certainly special"
          - Mer Sal, Lead vocalist and bassist for The Symbols

    Artist Information

    Members: Timothy John, Vocalist, Songwriter, Guitarist, Pianist
    Appropriate For: concerts, shows, festivals, house concerts, weddings, children, families, churches, spiritual communities & gatherings
    Genre: Americana / Blues / Folk / Acoustic
    Hometown: Centennial, Wyoming
    Influences: Bruce Cockburn, Michael Hedges, Metallica


    Short Bio

    Timothy John is a soulful songwriter who's debut album "Hand of Help" released in 2018 is full of original blusey acoustic folk-rock songs, melodic ballads, and a unique percussive fingerpicking style blending soft and subtle elements with hammer hitting intensity.

    Long Bio

    Independent artist and Centennial, Wyoming based soulful songwriter Timothy John's debut album, "Hand of Help," released in 2018 is full of original blusey acoustic folk-rock songs and melodic ballads that feature his unique percussive fingerpicking style blending soft and subtle elements with hammer hitting intensity. "Hand of Help” showcases eleven of Tim's favorite acoustic songs written over the course of fifteen years ranging from the light-hearted rocking single “The Peanut Song” through the melodic ballad “Stand and Fight” to the romantic “If Love Has A Reason.” The album was recorded in two studio sessions during the winter of 2017 at The Recordium in Fort Collins, Colorado by professional sound engineer and guitarist Jasco Duende (https://jascoguitar.com) from Blinddog Smokin’ and The Symbols (http://thesymbols.net).

    As a metal electric guitarist turned modern troubadour and love crooner, his songs mix honest and universal lyrics with his characteristic rhythmic acoustic sound. Timothy John's musical inspiration stretches from Bruce Cockburn and Michael Hedges to Metallica and makes for a unique songwriting style.

    When he's not playing music, Tim is a woodworker and builder by trade, although off-stage his guitar pretty much comes with him everywhere no matter which job site or mountainside he is on.

    In addition to Tim's impassioned sets full of powerful vocals, he also performs instrumental sets on both piano and guitar for public or private events, concerts, shows, festivals, churches, spiritual gatherings, or house concerts.  For booking, press, and all other inquiries, click here to contact us or call us at 307-298-0462. Be sure to join the mailing list and like us on Facebook so we can send you the latest news and a personal invitation to new music releases and upcoming shows.

    Notable Achievements

    • April 2018 - Nominated for Best Acoustic Act for the Wyoming Country Music Awards
    • March 2016 - Voted 3rd best singer/songwriter in Laramie, Wyoming,  3rd Annual Laramie Singer/Songwriter Competition
    • March 2016 - "Not Worried" off Tim's debut album was voted one of the top 11 songs the 3rd Annual Laramie Singer/Songwriter Competition
    • April 2015 - Featured acoustic artist, Laramie Zine


    NOTABLE Festivals & EVents Played

    • I Slept With The Band Festival  (2017)
    • Eclectic Exhibition Music Festival (2015, 2017)
    • NU2U Street Dance & Costume Party (2017)
    • Annual Poker Run (2015, 2017)
    • Pop-Up Art Walk (2016, 2017)
    • Jalan Crossland's Trailer Park Fire (2016)
    • Laramie Singer/Songwriter Competition (2013, 2016, 2017)
    • Centennial Midtown Jambaroo (2013)
    • Laramie Festival of the Arts (2015)
    • The Art and Music Thing (2014, 2016)



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